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Tech & Impact: Social Innovations in a Post-COVID World


21-23 November 2022, Singapore

2022年11月21-23日, 新加坡

The 6th Business and Philanthropy Forum

21-23 November 2022, Singapore
2022年11月21-23日 新加坡

A three-day premier gathering and immersive learning for global families, family offices/foundations, tech/web3 founders and investors, regulators and nonprofit leaders, in-person in Asia's wealth hub Singapore, from November 21 to November 23, 2022.

Singapore is increasing in strategic importance as a regional hub for wealth management, technological and social innovation. Held in Singapore in person, the 6th Business & Philanthropy Forum invites individuals, families and organisations with shared vision and values to enjoy face-to-face communication and structured learning experience.

The 6th Business and Philanthropy Forum focuses on innovations in this post-COVID era and explores possibilities powered by technologies and cross-sectoral innovations, engaging influential stakeholders in the ecosystem to build trust and foster new relationships through value-driven topics and deep networking, in the hope of high impact synergies for global collaborations across business and philanthropy.

Our high-impact approach to Forum planning aims to create sustainable impact. The Forum consists of three components: a Main Forum featured with keynote speeches and panel discussions; a day dedicated to bilingual Masterclasses; and a “pitch day” where we gather 50+ tech founders and 30+ investors from the tech sector, together with impact-oriented family offices, LPs and GPs, for a day of insights for our audience, driven by the agenda of shaping the social innovation narrative and landscape of impact investment in the post-COVID world.

Our conference draws inspirations and aspirations from many UHNW families who have not only achieved success in their business and but also aim to achieve the same influence in the field of philanthropy, in order to hold a philanthropic “Davos” anchored in Asia yet envisioning a future for the world. With the opening-up of Singapore, the 2022 forum features “quality in-person gathering for high impact” by bringing guests from across the world here to meet and brainstorm, to build trust and consensus, and to explore innovation and the way forward.




我们对论坛议程的独特设计旨在创造可持续的影响力。论坛由三个部分组成:由主旨演讲和专题讨论组成的主论坛;中英双语大师课堂日;以及 “路演日”。路演当日我们将聚集五十余位科技创始人和三十余位来自科技领域的投资者,以及以影响力为导向的家族办公室、有限合伙人及普通合伙人,为我们的观众带来行业洞见,共议后疫情时代的社会创新与影响力投资。

论坛的议程制定从超高净值家族的观点与关注中汲取灵感,因为这些家族不仅在事业上取得了成功,更希望在慈善领域取得同样的影响力。我们致力于让论坛成为始于亚洲、放眼世界未来的慈善“达沃斯”。随着新加坡的开放,我们将本年论坛定位为 “高质量、高影响力的线下聚会”,让来自世界各地的嘉宾在此汇聚一堂、集思广益,建立信任与共识,并探索创新和前进的道路。

The Event at a Glance

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distinguished speakers from across the world
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by-invite only VIP guests for the private forum
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impact investment road shows by both traditional tech and web3 founders
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masterclasses delivered directly by world-class business and philanthropy leaders, tech and web3 founders

Main Themes to be Discussed at the Event

Philanthropy planning and business succession for founders’ families in Asia


Tech founders road shows and family office impact investment


NFT for charity fundraising and philanthropy innovation


Wealth management and Fintech


Social innovation in a post-Covid world


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